A San Francisco Giants Hotel

Come to the ball park for the game, or to tour Oracle Park and go behind the scenes to places only the players and staff work, plan and play at our hotel near Oracle Park.. 

Our Hotel is near Oracle Park — Home of the San Francisco Giants

Incredible views of the Bay Bridge and the marina make Oracle Park an exclusively San Francisco ballpark. It was conceived, built and financed by a group of legitimate baseball fans, who knew what the ultimate ballpark should look like. So it’s no surprise that at its entrance stands an inspiring status of America’s greatest living ballplayer, Willie Mays.

Come for the ball game, but also come for the extracurricular fun. Watch as Portuguese water dogs fetch home runs that splash into McCovey Cove, or watch the kids play in the 80-foot Coca-Cola bottle with playground slides. And the miniature Pac Bell behind left field that has become a magnet for kids of all of ages. 

Getting There

Getting to Oracle Park is made easy because it’s designed to handle the crowds. Its access to multiple forms of public transit rivals that of any sports complex in the world.